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Auggie Wren's Christmas Story

Auggie Wren s Christmas Story

b A timeless utterly charming Christmas fable beautifully illustrated and destined to become a classic b br br When Paul Auster was asked by i The New York Times i to write a Christmas story for the Op Ed page the result Auggie Wren s Christmas Story led to Auster s collaboration on a film adaptation i Smoke i Now the story has found yet another life in this enchanting illustrated edition br br It begins with a writer s dilemma he s been asked by i The New York Times i to write a story that will appear in the paper on Christmas morning The writer agrees but he has a problem How to write an unsentimental Christmas story He unburdens himself to his friend at his local cigar shop a colorful character named Auggie Wren A Christmas story Is that all Auggie counters If you buy me lunch my friend I ll tell you the best Christmas story you ever heard And I guarantee every word of it is true br br And an unconventional story it is involving a lost wallet a blind woman and a Christmas dinner Everything gets turned upside down What s stealing What s giving What s a lie What s the truth It s vintage Auster and pure pleasure a truly unsentimental but completely affecting tale br

Oracle Night

Oracle Night

div Several months into his recovery from a near fatal illness thirty four year old novelist Sidney Orr enters a stationery shop in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn and buys a blue notebook It is September and for the next nine days Orr will live under the spell of this blank book trapped inside a world of eerie premonitions and puzzling events that threaten to destroy his marriage and undermine his faith in reality br br Why does his wife suddenly break down in tears in the backseat of a taxi just hours after Sidney begins writing in the notebook Why does M R Chang the owner of the stationery shop precipitously close his business the next day What are the connections between a Warsaw telephone directory and a lost novel in which the hero can predict the future At what point does animosity explode into violence To what degree is forgiveness the ultimate expression of love br br Paul Auster s mesmerizing eleventh novel reads like an old fashioned ghost story But there are no ghosts in this book only flesh and blood human beings wandering through the haunted realms of everyday life At once a meditation on the nature of time and a journey through the labyrinth of one man s imagination i Oracle Night i is a narrative tour de force that confirms Auster s reputation as one of the boldest most original writers at work in America today br div

The Random House Book of 20th Century French Poetry

The Random House Book of th Century French Poetry

During the th Century France was home to many of the world s greatest poets This collection highlights some of the very best verse that came out of a country and century defined by war and liberation Let Paul Auster guide you through some of the best poetry that th century France has to offer br br Indispensable a book that everyone interested in modern poetry should have close to hand a source of renewable delights and discoveries a book that will long claim our attention To my knowledge no current anthology is as full and as deftly edited Peter Brooks i The New York Times Book Review i br br One of the freshest and most exciting books of poetry to appear in a long while Paul Auster has provided the best possible point of entry into this century s most influential body of poetry Geoffrey O Brien i The Village Voice i

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i New York Times i bestselling author Paul Auster i The New York Trilogy i opens i Leviathan i with the tearing of a bomb explosion and the death of one Benjamin Sachs Ben s one time best friend Peter Aaron begins to retrospectively investigate the transformation that led Ben from his enviable stable life to one of a recluse Both were once intelligent yet struggling novelists until Ben s near death experience falling from a fire escape triggers a tumble in which he becomes withdrawn and disturbed living alone and building bombs in a far off cabin That is until he mysteriously disappears leaving behind only a manuscript titled i Leviathan i pages rustling in the wind Leviathan books by Paul Auster

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